The fourth Sunday of every month we gather at 5:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 a.m.  Our next faith@five is

Sunday, July 27.  Come join us for a salad supper followed by worship!


As we move forward with our vision, here are some thoughts from our pastor...

"I am steeped in all things Presbyterian and in my relationship with this church I have experienced change.

 There are two changes that are most notable for me - the move from an attractional to missional model

of ministry and the intentionality of nurturing spiritual growth, of creating disciples."  To read more, click on

The Church Alive

A Family Reunion is being planned and you’re invited!!!!

This summer the liturgical collective (Arlington, Clarendon, Church of the Covenant, and Fairlington Presbyterian Churches along with our friend Leslianne Braunstein) is hosting a family reunion with the help of the Genesis passages from the lectionary. 

 We all know that summer is a time for families to get together—beach weeks, family reunions, road trips.  But extended time with family in close quarters is not always easy, as old family dynamics repeat themselves despite the passage of time.    During the summer, worship will focus on the Bible’s biggest extended family—the family of Abraham and Sarah.   Their family dysfunctions are of, well, biblical proportions.  Raging jealousy, deception and trickery, sibling rivalry, and child endangerment are prominent in these stories.  But there’s also crazy love and unearned blessing (just like in our own families).   

 On Sunday, August 31, all members of the family are invited to Church of the Covenant for worship and picnic at 11:00 a.m.  This will take the place of worship here on that Sunday.  More to come on that in future bulletins and New Bridges.

 The reunion begins on Sunday, June 29 with the binding of Isaac—Genesis 22:1 – 14.  Other family stories are:

July 6:  Genesis 24: 34 – 67

July 13:  Genesis 25: 19 – 34

 You are invited to read and reflect on these stories before coming to worship each Sunday.   See you at the reunion!

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