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Brothers and Sisters--

At the Presbytery meeting on January 28th, the commissioners gave unanimous approval to the Purchase and Sale Agreement with APAH. It was a holy grace-filled moment and the action taken allows us to continue this journey. All of us--those who support this part of the vision and those who have opposed it--are to be thanked. The honest and frank discussions we have had as a congregation, the ways we have listened to and talked with one another have been a part of our discernment and have provided strength, courage and energy as we move onward.

So, what does the vote last night mean? We can now move to signing the Purchase and Sales Agreement (PSA). Dottie LaPenta as chair of Leadership Council will sign on behalf of the Presbytery, Kristl Hathaway as President of the Arlington Presbyterian Church Corporation will sign on behalf of the church and Nina Janopaul as President/CEO will sign on behalf of APAH. Once the PSA is signed, APAH has a 60 day Feasibility Period to obtain title reports, environmental surveys and additional information from the County about the permitted land uses. During this 60 day period APAH can withdraw from the agreement without penalty, but after the 60 days expire, the purchaser will proceed with the terms of the agreement and begin securing the necessary financing and land use approvals necessary to move toward closing on July 2016.

For us, we are now in a transition phase. The session has established 4 working groups that have as their focus various aspects of what the next several years will hold. Here is a description of each and people who have already committed to involvement.

Congregational Connections: How will we as a congregation continue to maintain our connections? In this transition phase, what will be our practices, our rituals, our collective experience as a faith community? How will we "hang together"? Nancy Cielinski, Jon Etherton, Don Peebles, Linda Peebles

Space in the Meantime: Once we leave the building (sometime early 2016), where will we worship--another church, a community center, a storefront? Robert Cooper and Stephen Cottingham; Jill Norcross and Judy Robb as resources.

Affordable Housing: There is still much to be done to move through the terms of the PSA. Susan Etherton, Kristl Hathaway, and Jill Norcross

Stewards of Stuff: What do we have? What do we keep? What do we sell? What do we donate? Lorraine Gardner, Blanche Anderson, Manfred Soughe, Linda Peebles, Jay Kennedy, Steve Tuttle

As you review these, where is your energy and commitment? Please be in touch with me to indicate which team you'd like to be a part of.

AND if it's not on your calendar, be sure to be here on Saturday, February 7 at 2 p.m. when we will begin to inventory all that is housed in the church building.

To be sure, last night's meeting and vote was a milestone--and offers us the needed approval to persevere. Perseverance is a hallmark of this journey. We continue to travel the road, trusting God as guide and one another as travel companions.