The fourth Sunday of every month we gather at 5:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 a.m. Our next faith@five is Sunday, February 22. Come join us for dinner followed by an exploration of "So what? What does discipleship really mean?"


Lenten Worship: Signposts for the Journey

Think of the last time you left your house-where did you go? How did you get there? What signs did you see along the way? Traveling by foot, car, bus, or train, we expect to see signs that will aid us from getting here to there-speed limit, stop, station name, yield, direction, bus stop, curve in road, ped crossing, bike lane, road closed, detour, one way, merge. The signs we see along the way are meant to provide clarity, direction and in some cases, comfort (it's always helpful to know ahead of time that the bridge is out).

The same is true for the journey we make as disciples of Jesus. God provides us signs - those meant to provide clarity, direction, and comfort. On Ash Wednesday, February 18, we begin our Lenten journey. Using the Psalms for the season, we will be looking for the signs God provides us along the journey.

You are invited to participate in several ways with this worship time. Every week a new sign will be added in the worship space. If you'd like to help create those, please be in touch with Sharon. As well, you are invited to read through the psalms and the descriptions for each worship time. As you read, are there gifts you would contribute to our time together? Think broadly here! A reflection on your love of knitting or theatre. A photo, a poem, a writing, movement - the only limits are your imagination!
Questions, comments? Ask Sharon!
Ash Wednesday, February 18; Psalm 103
Worship at 7:30 p.m.
Signpost: Presence
This Psalm speaks to the all encompassing presence of God. As we begin our Lenten journey, where do you see signs of the Divine presence?

First Sunday of Lent, February 25
Psalm 25:1 - 10
Signpost: Guidance
In this psalm, the speaker asks not to be put to shame and at the same time desires to be obedient to God. Shame and obedience-connections? direction? meaning?

Second Sunday of Lent, March 1
Psalm 22:23 - 31
Signpost: Community
The Psalmist is full of witness! Responding to God's presence, the speaker is moved to proclaim the goodness of God. Where do you recognize God's presence and how are you moved to witness?

Third Sunday of Lent, March 8
Psalm 19
Signpost: God's Law
By law God enforces, the stars in their courses, the sun in its orbit obediently shine; the hills and the mountains, the rivers and fountains, the depths of the ocean proclaim God divine. We too should be voicing our love and rejoicing; with glad adoration, a song let us raise, till all things now living unite in thanksgiving: to God in the highest, hosanna and praise!

Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 15
Psalm 107:1 - 3, 17 - 22
A Service of healing and wholeness
Signpost: Healing
God's presence in our lives brings forgiveness, healing and wholeness. Onthis Sunday, we will bring to God those places that are broken and in need of God's divine healing touch.

Fifth Sunday of Lent, March 22
Psalm 51:1 - 12
Signpost: Forgiveness and Transformation
Through the mercy of God, we are transformed; we are made new. Where do you see God's newness in your life?

Palm/Passion Sunday, March 29
Mark 14:1 - 15:47

Maundy Thursday, April 2
Worship at 7:30 p.m.
Remembering the last Supper Jesus ate with His disciples

Good Friday, April 3
Worship at 7:30 p.m.
A service of darkness

Easter Sunday, April 5
Mark 16:1 - 8